Corona Cases Are Rising Again: Is It The Right Time To Divorce?

Businesses are struggling to survive the spate of government shutdowns that only recently just started to lift — and now coronavirus cases are rising again, forcing governments around the country to reassess whether or not lifting those restrictions was really the right thing to do. Many couples have struggled to survive social distancing while stuck at home. Now that cases are rising again, they face the same decisions as many businesses.

Is it worth waiting for a divorce?

Then again, is it worth the risk to divorce right now while the pandemic is ongoing? Ultimately, spouses must make that choice for themselves. Divorce attorneys are still available to talk via video chat or on the phone, but any documents that need signing will have to wait until people are comfortable coming into the office. Now might not be the right time — even if it’s legal to do so.

While our practice is beginning to reopen at partial capacity and with increased preventative measures put into place, we ask individuals looking for information on divorce to research online and call us with questions. Please refrain from coming into the office without an appointment. We want to make the environment as safe as possible for our clients. That means controlling how many people are there at once.

When you’ve decided to take the final step in your divorce, we can begin to process the paperwork. Most divorce law firms will email you forms to download and print or ask you to briefly stop by the office to pick them up. Please do not sign them until you’ve spoken to an attorney about the likely timetable for any divorce proceedings, which will undoubtedly occur much more sluggishly than they normally would. 

This is a trying time for all of us, but we’re doing our best to help you through it. If you have any questions, please contact us today.